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The one program specifically designed by a board-certified immunologist & autoimmune dietician to help women with too much inflammation rediscover confidence through simple sustainable & science-supported systems.

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This program is for you if…

  • You are a current or former busy professional woman who longs to rediscover her vibrant badass self… but feel like everything has been muzzled by your misbehaving immune system and excess inflammation (a.k.a significant allergies, autoimmunity, and/or weak immune system)
  • You have tried just about everything to lower inflammation, improve gut health, and balance your immune system and nothing has worked long-term
  • You’re looking for personalized solutions that are effective, efficient, and sustainable (you don’t have time or energy for the bs* anymore)
  • You may not have all the answers yet, but you are determined to figure this s*** out, once and for all d*** it.
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A sense of certainty, knowing that you are doing the best for your health AND the health of your family.

By the end of this program you’ll have:

  • The ability to recognize and advocate for your needs and desires.
  • A naturally healthy relationship with food minus the anxiety or restrictive elimination diets
  • The amazing feeling of comfort in your own skin.
  • Clarity in thinking, improvement in memory, recall, and attention
  • More mental space and energy to enjoy your life – think about what you’ll achieve when the constant brain chatter around your immune system, food, and the uncertain future is gone!
  • The tools you need to live vibrantly in spite of your misbehaving immune system
  • The confidence to fully participate in family events and milestone
I’m Ready to Get Started!

Becoming Immune Confident is a membership program designed to develop the essential skills and traits for living a kick a** life:

Jumpstart your journey with our Core Course Series:  

  • 12 Weekly Core Modules packed with lesson videos and audio podcasts

Ongoing Support:

  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching Sessions to overcome barriers & learn from our shared experiences
  • Food and Symptom Journal & Meal Plans
  • A private YouTube channel with new content added every month! 
  • Supplemental Resources including worksheets for integrating and embodying the anti-inflammatory lifestyle
  • A Private FB Community that supports the anti-inflammatory lifestyle with book club discussions, challenges, snarky memes, and loads of encouragement!

  • Exclusive discounts on 1:1 coaching sessions and some of our favorite products 

CME/CE Credit Available for Healthcare Professionals. 

*Note: we do accept HSA/FSA and payment plan options are available.


Designed by Dr. Kara, a board-certified immunologist turned autoimmune patient & Jen, an autoimmune dietitian.

“We created Becoming Immune Confident as the program I wish existed when I was searching for a solution as a busy exhausted doctor mom after my diagnosis with Sjogren’s.

Inside, we hold nothing back so you have everything you need to get the amazing results you so desperately want.”

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